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CounterStrike: Women’s Self Defense Workshop

Thursday,  March 8, 2018       7:30-9:30pm

Other workshop times available by appointment

Never feel powerless again! This fun and empowering 2 hour workshop provides teenage and adult women with all the basic street-smart knowledge and skills needed to fight back and win. Learn how to stay safe at home, at work, at college, and when driving, dating and traveling.

Cost $129/Half price for students and groups of two or more.

RSVP is a must to hold the spot.  INFO/RESERVATIONS

Future workshops

An Evening of Energy Healing and Psychic Readings

Date To Be Announced

Join psychics Sari Smolarz and Robin Tucci for an evening of Energy healing  and psychic readings.

Offering Reiki, Chakra balancing, Crystal healings, Tarot, psychic or Angel message readings.

$30 Any Service.  RSVP is a must to hold the spot.

845-624-2244 or INFO/REGISTRATION

“Good Food, Good Mood” – How food affects us and its relationship to Mood and Behavior

Join us for an informative evening on Food and Mood and how our individual biochemistry has an affect on our health status.
Enjoy samples and a drawing for a Reiki treatment or nutritional consultation.

RSVP is a must to hold the spot with payment $20 ($25 at door)    845-624-2244 or INFO/RESERVATIONS

Seichem Workshop

Seichem or Sekhem (pronounced “Say-kem”) is an Egyptian word meaning power or might. Sekhem is also the Egyptian equivalent of the Indian term prana and the words chi and ki as used in the Orient to denote the all encompassing life force that binds the universe together. Seichem is living light energy as well as an ancient Egyptian system of healing wisdom.

Cost: $250.00     845-624-2244 or INFO/RESERVATIONS

Lightarian Ray Attunements (for healers and those seeking a higher connection to the cosmic energies enabling intergrating healing on all levels of the body.
Fee: $75 per class
Certificate available (upon completion and you will be able to attune others)

Understanding the Energy Centers (Chakras/Seriferot-Tree of Life) and how to work and heal with them. 2hours
Fee: $30

Workshops on Creating a Healing Kit that includes gemstones (crystals) and essential oils and their application to the healing process. 2 hours
Fee: $30 plus $12 for supplies

Art for Self Discovery
Utilizing the creative process to unblock emotions and create more joy.
2 hours  Fee: $25 ;