Self Defense for Women

CounterStrike™ is a powerful and comprehensive training program that arms women with the street-smart personal safety strategies and easy-to-learn self-defense techniques needed to respond to threats of violence, bullying and intimidation.

Never Feel Powerless Again…Two hours is all it takes!

As a workshop participant you will learn:

  • Who gets targeted and why
  • How to recognize predators and their traps
  • How to de-escalate confrontations
  • Home, workplace, and campus safety tips.
  • Dating, driving and traveling safety.
  • The six self defense techniques every woman needs to know.
  • The secret strategy for winning any street confrontation.

Beyond providing participants with a major advantage in any physical confrontation, the techniques taught in CounterStrike™ help to improve confidence, level of fitness and mental state. No special skill or ability is required.

Here is what some CounterStrike graduates have to say.

“CounterStrike™ Self-Defense training saved my daughter’s life…When my daughter was attacked on her college campus last year, she was able to use her CounterStrike™ skills to get away. I’m so glad I made her take it   — Donna C., Blauvelt, NY.

“Now that I took the  CounterStrike™, I’m no longer afraid.”
— Nonie C., Baldwin, NY

“I took a self-defense class in college, but CounterStrike™ Self-Defense training was so much better…  everything a woman needs to defend herself  … I recommend this course for every woman, teenager, and student going to college.”
— Rachel W., Jericho, NY

“As a real estate agent, I’m always concerned when showing  properties. I found the training I received to be invaluable.”
— Michelle K., New York City

We invite your to register for an upcoming workshop or to sponsor a workshop for your business, school, or civic organization.