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Sending my two children to The Workout Place has been one of the best decisions I have made as a mom. Both of my children have a sense of pride, discipline, and joy because of this program.

Sensei holds high expectations, both in terms of skills and behavior. His gentle manner and ability to build upon children’s strengths provided both of my boys with greater confidence in themselves.

I have been an educator for twenty years. I could not be more grateful that our paths crossed.

-Erica L. New City, NY

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The Workout Place is by far the best martial arts school for my children. Not only are they learning the true “art” of martial arts, but Sensei Arnie encourages moral values, self worth, and skilled martial art mechanics. The Workout Place emphasizes academics, self-confidence, respect. What impresses me most about The Workout Place are the aspects of discipline and respect which it seems to center itself around. Kids laugh and play, and all the while are being taught deep principles about life and responsibility. Students are rewarded with marks of excellence and leave the classes with a sense of pride and focus. A parent can feel confident that their child is in good hands with Sensei Arnie who connects with the student, as the student connects with life’s challenges.

“Becoming a member of The Workout Place is more than joining a class, it’s a community.
Sensei is great with kids… He finds ways to connect with them on their level and in his fun and enthusiastic way, is always embedding a myriad of lessons.”

What makes this school unique is the tie in to the spiritual nature of the art, and learning through it to make yourself a better individual in all aspects of life. Along the way you still get a great workout, but what you learn carries over to everything you do. That applies to children as well as adults.

~ Dan Weisberg