Self Defense Class Rockland County NY: CounterStrike Self Defense

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Self Defense Class Rockland County NY

Once, while serving as a dean in one of New York City’s large high schools, I encountered a student walking through the halls with what appeared to be the butt end of a revolver sticking out of his trouser waistband. Security personnel quickly apprehended the young man. The gun turned out to be a starter’s pistol and, so, not actually capable of firing live bullets.

During the questioning that followed his capture, the young man claimed that his mother had given him the pistol and instructed him to carry it with him. Much to our surprise, the mother, corroborating her son’s story, explained that a gang of bullies had been routinely harassing her son on his way home from school each day. When she had gone to the police for help they had informed her that, while sympathetic to her predicament, they could do little more than file her complaint. School authorities, likewise sympathetic, had concluded that, since her son’s bullying was occurring outside of school and after school hours, there was nothing they could do on her son’s behalf.

Desperate to keep her son safe, she had procured the starter’s pistol so he could use it to scare off his unrelenting tormentors. Unfortunately, the police, having no choice in the matter, now had to arrest her son. While he spent his next year at an alternative high school, no action was ever taken against the bullies that had been the cause of his demise.

As this story illustrates, dealing with violence is a thorny problem, one that we all in one way or another are forced to face. Responding to these threats, some, like ostriches, opt to bury their heads in the sand, hopeful that the danger confronting them will simply pass and go away. Others respond with angry bluster, blaming lax courts, poor parenting, and a host of other villainous entities for the problems they must endure. And another group, concluding that there is nothing much they can do, simply accept their plight with stoic resignation.

While many would love to take action against those meaning to do them harm, such actions often prove to have unforeseen and counterproductive consequences. This is what happened for the mother whose procurement of the starter’s pistol resulted in her son’s arrest and suspension.

So what can those confronted by the specter of violence do to protect themselves from harm? Having been bullied as young child, this was a question that I had taken to heart from a very early age.

As a teenager, my search for an answer to this question led me to pursue training in the martial arts and later, as a doctoral student, to make understanding the causes of violent and deviant behavior the focus of my research.

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Self Defense Class Rockland County NY: CounterStrike Self Defense

The unexpected meltdown of one of my adult martial arts students during a routine Tae Kwon Do workout – the consequence, I learned afterward, of a sexual assault that had occurred to her years earlier – became the catalyst that inspired my commitment to help this young lady and others like her learn how to stand up to and defeat” those trying to harm them. Over the years, this commitment led to the development of formal Counterstrike Self-DefenseTM training programs. Through these programs all those concerned about their personal safety can acquire the self-defense skills and strategies needed to protect themselves from harm.

Our Self-Defense Classes called Counterstrike Self-DefenseTM training, are available for children, teens, women, and senior adults. If you would like more information about obtaining Counterstrike Self-DefenseTM training for yourself, your child, your school, business or civic organization, contact: