Dr. Arnold van Deuren, PhD, Director & Founder

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The Path of
Noble Warrior

From his earliest years, Dr. Arnold van Deuren has been on a “soul mission,” one that has driven him to study and explore all areas of human endeavor in a quest to arrive at a deeper and fuller understanding of the  human experience.

Dr. van Deuren grew up in Queens, New York. He attended Stuyvesant High School and graduated from Queens College, NY with a degree in Science education.

Dr. van Deuren taught Science in high schools and middle schools throughout New York City and Anatomy and Physiology courses as an adjunct instructor at Dominican College (Orangeburg, NY).  He also served in various ancillary capacities including dean, security coordinator, teacher center coordinator, editor of The Teaching Biologist and mentor to new teachers as part of the Pace University Teaching Fellows Project/NYC Board of Education.

In addition to a Masters degree in Science education and a professional diploma in School Administration and Supervision, Dr. van Deuren holds a PhD in Organization Development from NYU’s School of Education.

Keenly aware of his parents’ ordeals as holocaust survivors and himself the frequent target of schoolyard bullies during childhood, Dr. van Deuren always dreamt of one day being able to fight back against those that prey on the weak and defenseless. His chance came in college where he joined a lunchtime TaeKwonDo club, unwittingly beginning what would become a second career for him, one that, over the next forty years, under the tutelage of 10th degree black belt, Grandmaster Hyun Ok Shin, would lead to his attaining the highest levels of martial arts mastery.

In 1981 Dr. van Deuren and his wife moved to Rockland County, NY. He began teaching after-school and evening adult education classes throughout the county, quickly building up a devoted following of students hooked on his unique approach to martial arts training.

In 1984 Dr. van Deuren opened his own martial arts-fitness-wellness studio. Envisioning it to be a place for “transformation, exploration, and self-realization,” he called his studio, “The Workout Place.” His goal was to provide a facility where students could learn to apply the principles and practices of martial arts training as the basis for improving the quality of their lives.

Today, as director of the Workout place, Dr. van Deuren continues training students, providing the individualized coaching each one needs to be able to navigate life with strength, courage, passion and purpose; arming each one with the tools and strategies needed to overcome life’s challenges; helping each one achieve the health, happiness and success they were always meant to enjoy.

Young or old. Gifted or challenged. Lifelong athlete or out-of-shape beginner. It’s never too late. All are welcome. We invite you to contact Dr. van Deuren to learn more about his martial arts, self-defense, and personal development programs.