Karate TaeKwonDo Teen Adult

karate new city nyGet in Shape, Lose Weight, Learn to Protect Yourself!

A featured Olympic sport and a highly valued system of self defense relied upon by combat forces all over the world, TaeKwonDo provides the perfect training regimen for anyone wishing to get into shape, lose weight or learn self-defense.

In addition to the dynamic kicking, blocking and striking techniques that characterize TaeKwonDo, our students become proficient in Hapkido, the Korean version of jui-jitsu. Thus armed, they are more than well-prepared for handling any sort of street confrontation.

Because the training we provide is part of a comprehensive and integrated approach to personal development, every student, regardless of age or ability, derives benefits far in excess of those attainable through ordinary self-defense training programs.

We invite you to schedule a trial class to experience the benefits for yourself.