Children's TaeKwonDo

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White, Yellow, Green and Purple Belts

As children strive to earn their first set of colored belts in the progression leading to black belt certification, we work to awaken their noble warrior spirits and inspire each one to begin his/her own individual hero’s journey of transformation.

Strength, balance, coordination and agility all improve, as does self-esteem, confidence and ability to stay focused on task and teacher. Schedule a trial class for your child. You’ll be amazed at the dramatic difference a single class can make.


Red Belts and Low Brown Belts

As children move into the intermediate phase of their training, they are introduced to sparring and board-breaking activities. In addition to promoting physical and cardiovascular fitness, these activities help children gain the confidence and self-defense skills needed to stand up to schoolyard bullies.


High Brown Belts and Black Belts

At this level, students must demonstrate proficiency in all of the fighting skills of TaeKwonDo along with the prudent judgment required of those that are about to take on the responsibilities of TaeKwonDo leadership. For students that have already attained black belt ranking, the addition of Hapkido (i.e., jiu-jitsu) and weapons training ensures that they have a well-rounded and comprehensive skill set for dealing with all possible types of street self-defense confrontations.