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College Campus Safety Tips

It is estimated that one in five women will be sexually victimized while attending college. Although the presence of other students in the classrooms, study halls, dorms, labs and other facilities that students frequent on campus serves as natural deterrent to the potential predators that may be lurking about, there are always those times and places on campus where a student will find herself alone and vulnerable to attack.

The 6 Self-Defense Skills Every Woman Needs To Master

CounterStrikeTM is a personal safety course that arms women with the street-smart strategies needed to avoid victimization and the self-defense skills needed to defeat those that would try to attack them. CounterStrikeTM training, is available at the Workout Place, our studio in Nanuet, NY and can be sponsored off-site by schools, businesses or civic [...]


Zumba is a feel-happy dance fitness program that combines invigorating hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue and mambo music with easy-to-follow dance step routines that utilize the principles of aerobic exercise and resistance training. Dance away your worries. Zumba’s combination of fast and slow dance rhythms tone and sculpt the body while maximizing caloric [...]